The Shining Sun


A mother’s love to her child is like the sun that keeps on shinning even it is far away from earth and never leaves even the earth turned his face away from her.

Verbal confession of love is a bit awkward in my family, not until we were separated from my mom, who raised the four of us and worked abroad. Regardless of the distance between the Philippines and Dubai, my mom never failed to let me feel that I have a mom who loves me. We talk to each other twice a week, and she never forgets to teach me by her words of wisdom, set of reminders, and say how much she loves us. For teenagers, these might be boring but not for me because these are the moments worth cherishing.

As I reached my junior year in high school, I am “na-barkada”. I habitually hang-out with my friends. I’ve come to the point that I went home just to take a bath, to eat and to sleep. I even rejected my mom’s phone calls. I became so preoccupied with my friends’ companionship and made my family for granted. There came a time when a misunderstanding ruined the friendship that I valued. I thought that I will die alone because of loneliness. My mom still called, but I am so ashamed to answer her because of guilt. But after two missed calls, I replied. I was ready to hear bombs exploding because of her lectures and scolds because I didn’t answer her. But I was wrong. She asked how I am, what happened, and she told me how worried she was. I could sense a sincere concern and love from the tone of her voice. This made me cry a river. I realized that even I am the one who left his loving arms, she never left. As the phone call ended, she said, “Nak, (shotcut for “anak” which is means child in English). I love you, and no matter what happens, it will never change.”

Moms are not perfect, but their love for us will never change. We, children, might leave them, but they will not stop caring and loving us. In our darkest and starless night, like the sun, she will make a way to give us light using the moon just to make sure that we will never be in the dark. Whatever the weather or the circumstance might be, moms will never stop shining like the sun.

A Father

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined a father as a male parent or a man who has begotten a child. It is a general truth that each person has his/her father. They are addressed in many ways like dad, daddy, papa, tatay, ama, and many more.

In Philippine society, fathers are considered to be the provider of the family. He is the one who works and earns money to sustain the family’s needs. It is his responsibility to make sure that the bills are paid, there will be food to eat, and that the children can go to school.

Aside from being the provider of the family, he is also the one who imposes rules in the family. He is like a nation’s president, who needs to take care of his family. He sets rules and regulations to be followed. He needs to be a man of discipline and a man of his words because he is the number one role model of his children.

Living with a father since your existence makes him a child’s friend. He became a child’s first friend, first wrestling buddy, first admirer, and many other “firsts.” He, indeed, is an influential person to every person.

One of the most essential roles of a father is to bring his family closer to God. In the bible, fathers are given the authority to rule his family. God also revealed his plan through the patriarchs or fathers of the family. It is the father’s responsibility to hear from God and relay it to the family.

A father plays many roles in our lives, but aside from being our superhero, provider, and role model, fathers are precious gifts from the Lord Almighty.