I always wish I have someone
Always ready and willing to listen
My endless stories, my endless drama
Smiles with me in front of the camera
And smiles a little longer in a panorama

I wish to be with someone
Who think and act like a champion
Find comfort outside the comfort zone
Dare to climb mountains of adventure
And ignite thrill and excitement like fire

How I wish I have someone
To stay when there’s no sunshine
Standing beside when I had no one
Embracing every stain of imperfection
Words of correction without condemnation

I really wish I have someone
To pursue with me a faith that is genuine
Confessing God’s love and sovereignty
Giving every breath for His glory
And live like children of the Almighty

I wish for someone to come
I pray, if it’s God’s will, for His perfect time.
While I wait for someone to come by,
In other’s world I want to be a somebody
A blessing from God – an answered prayer!