THE SOLUTION: Writing and More

“Mahirap masanay sa mga bagay na mawawala din pala sa huli.”
(“It’s hard to get used to something that will be lost eventually”)

I love sharing how incredible or awful my day was to someone closest to me. Exciting or boring, extraordinary or not, non-sense or not, from the highlights of the day up to the smallest details, I told it. I don’t know exactly why but there’s something about this that makes me feel ecstatic! And the good thing about sharing this is that no matter how significant or pointless my stories are, I know (or atleast I believe) that he listened and always will.

However, because of the decisions we made (whether right or wrong) people in our lives leave (intentionally or not). And this is the start of the problem. Sadly, something had not worked out (or I should say that there’s really nothing to work out in the first place) with a friend whom I used to tell all of these endless stories with so much excitement (and seldom not because I’m too lazy to type a looooong text message). I will not go into the detail of how I blew it up and burned everything to ashes (I admit that it was my fault and he also thinks it was really mine. So yea, the blame is on me.). But the problem is this, I had no one to tell these stories to.

Earlier today, something really unexpected happened. Suddenly, I found myself thinking of how will I describe this scenario and put it into a story. And I felt a cold and numbing thought, “Wait”, I said to myself, “with whom will I tell this, exactly? Because as far as I remembered, I had no one. Throughout the day, this really keeps on knocking me off, over and over again. Until I said to myself, “No. I won’t be like this forever. I will get over this season. This is only for a season, it will end.” That is when I started looking around.

As I looked around, I found out that there are still people around me who cares and waits for me to share my stories with them. Also, I was reminded of the profound truth: God is always with us. He will stay with us even when everybody left. He will always protect and will always care to listen even when no one does.

Lastly, I found my laptop and decided to make this blog and writing as an instrument of my expression. I initially thought of writing it to him and maybe, just maybe, send it to him,. Then I realized it was a crazy idea; it’s like investing on a coin bank with a big whole at the bottom. It’s of no use and good. And yes, I will write more and more not only to cope up with this drastic situation (Nah, I’m exaggerating it! hahaha. It’s bad, not drastic) but also to enhance and to grow in writing. Also, writing is beneficial for someone like me who tends to forget everything. Haha. My memory has failed a lot of time, I mean it! So writing will be a great help to remind me of what happened and everything.

To every problem, there’s a solution. Sometimes, an answer doesn’t just fall from the tree but needs to be searched. Take time to look around because the answers might be just beside us.


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