Message: UNSENT


I wait for that moment that you can explain why.
Maybe after a year or two.
A decade or maybe not.
But if that moment won’t come,
I guess I just need to accept that for you it was nothing.
Or maybe god will give the answers to these multitudes of questions in my mind.

I am praying for answers
answers to questions I am afraid of the answers
but answers that I need to hear and understand.
For now, I am under God’s healing operation
and I know that in his time, my process will be complete.

This is crazy but I’m praying with you for your finals.
And still praying for your success.
I’m asking myself, “why do I still care?”
Well, I can’t come up with a reasonable defense to this craziness.
But I know this has to stop as you are having a life of your own.
I also need to keep moving forward.

I had so much things to tell you but I need to end this
To surrender all the pain to god
and let him deal with this brokenness.


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