A Product of A Rainy Night


my own poetry

3 DAYS CLASS SUSPENSION. It’s a three days straight that classes in our city, or I should say our region, is cancelled due to heavy rains. To some of my fellow students, it is bad news because it’s a “no allowance days” (No “baon” days), no lesson day (but I think majority rejoices because of this. Haha). And it’s undeniable that this is a very great news to most of the students! I am waving my saying, “I’m in!! I belong to this group! I’m in! I’m in!” But unlike most of them who thought of this as a time to loaf, to be on a social media 24hours a day, to hang around all night or to watch all day, I see this as an opportunity to be lost in a clearly illustrated setting of a novel, to look and walk through one’s story, to think of the thoughts I seldom thought of and to write. Here’s a poem I came up because of the gloomy season.


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