A Sweet Memory


I knew it!!! I’ll be able to use this again. Rereading, this reminds me of the time I was first encouraged to perform in front of the whole campus. I am forever thankful to ma’am Carmen Salvador who believed in me and helped me develop the confidence and skills I never thought I possess (Sumayaw, umarte, magsalita sa maraming tao, magdeclame, mag-aral ng mabuti at kumanta ng “I want to spend my lifetime loving you” para sa drama na ito). I can’t wait to see you this Christmas and tell you everything that happened. Indeed, a teacher affects eternity.

Also tagging Neil. Remember this, Awiyao? Hahahahahahaha See you this vacation!! ‪#‎highschoolmemory‬‪ #‎nostalgic‬‪ #‎theweddingdance‬‪ #‎contemporarylit‬

Love Status: PANCAKE

Patiently waiting and preparing.

Assured that the right time will come.

Not a magical fairy tale nor a fantasy.

Cinderella needs not to run when it’s midnight.

All kinds of Prince Charmings roam around but

Kings know who’s the best and who’s the beast, trust Him.

Everything will fall to its place, darling, if you will just wait.

The Dessertarian