January 31, 2016

I saw you today,
And glad to know you’re okay.



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To My Almost Lover,

Thank you for not taking me to the next level. Thank you for not letting me take risks. Thank you for refusing my feelings back. Thank you for saying no. Thank you for not losing a friend. Thank you for my emotions are still in a state of equilibrium, not profound nor superficial. I would always be grateful for the little infinity we’ve had. I would always cherish every moment I had with you.

This isn’t a sentiment but a form of regard. Majority would’ve called this a heartbreak but mine was a lesson. I learned not to make hasty decisions. I learned to set my standards not to the sense of greater expectations. I learned to love myself a little more for you’ve brought me to my value. I learned to wait patiently for you taught me not to assume for something more. I learned that not all love stories have happy endings, that not all “almosts” reaches higher stages. I learned to draw the line. I would be always grateful for the wisdom you directly implied. I would be always grateful with you.

We could’ve been the future but it was a gratitude for not dragging us to be each other’s pasts. You staying in my present is more than enough. I’m happy with what we have right now. I guess this is how it really goes. You’re merely an approximation but however, there are things inevitable for some reasons. There are things badly needed our approval. That not all you want you’ll always get.

– a letter I wrote after you left

Words by PseudoSparks
Photo from cherrybam