Isaiah 43:19 Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? ESV

This year, we believe and declare that God will do things we had never experienced. We heard testimonies on the miraculous provision, healing, overseas trip, and a whole lot more!

This year is full of firsts in my life. I boarded on an airplane, traveled to two countries – Singapore and Malaysia, attended an Internship in Singapore, led worship time, shared in our Midweek service, served on our second youth service, and worked full-time in church.

However, this is also the time where we are challenged to do things we never did before. Love like you never did before. Pray, give, serve, and reach out like you never did before. Do something for God like you never did before.

God is taking is us from glory to glory. He is doing something unique, and He is making us new. Will you take up the challenge to do something beyond what you already did and to believe that God is doing something you had never experienced?


What do you do when your system is awake, but you need to sleep because you need to rush to an outing at 6 a.m.? Write.



I used to stay outside my grandma’s store,

Listening to the coconut trees as if they’re whispering,

Staring at the tiny billion stars as if showing something,

Sitting beside my friends who walked all the way here,

Even they could see the same scene at home.

Why does it feel good to talk at this time?

To talk about life, it’s greatest pain and joy.

Why is it easier to talk to some profound things?

Matters that seemed to be as deep as the ocean.

You could drown in the violent waves of emotion!

Yes, you might or had been drowned.

Maybe it’s because of the moon!

He might have pulled you with gravity.

Wind, who pushed you gently off the shore.

Relax, you might have overreacted.

Beneficial or fatal, you might want to be cautious!

Instead of testing the waters, why not talk to the Trusted.

Stop gossiping or the getting-to-know-you game.

Shake off that overthinking and over-worrying,

But hand it over to God. Talk to Him.

It’s as easy as pie!

No mathematical formula needed.

You don’t need to fear the raging ocean.

Cause at one command, and He can calm that storm!

He loves you, listens to you, and answers.