“Faith in humanity” destroyed?

My heart was troubled upon seeing my friend (a Christian) reply to a shared blog with the caption “faith in humanity destroyed… again.” The blog was narrating a murder of a student where witnesses ignored the victim, not offering him any help. I know it’s not bad and I will not justify their lack of care. But the thing that worried me was the comment:
“…I do think the word justice and humane does not exist anymore in real life.” with a reply “exactly. justice, morality, humane, these words don’t exist here…”

Wait for a second, does this mean no one is just anymore, no one has morals, no one does humane things? What about us? Those genuine followers of Christ? What about these friends of mine?

Okay, maybe I’m overreacting. But isn’t God good, just, merciful, and loving? And doesn’t He still exist today? It means there’s still justice and goodness in this world. It doesn’t go extinct.

But…I suddenly thought, should we put our faith in humanity? Looking back at our history, should we trust humans’ natural moral compass?

I don’t know, but one thing I no is for sure: we can rely on God, and He has given us His Holy Spirit to direct our path. That’s why today, I pray for open eyes to see God’s love and goodness in this planet, open ears to hear his direction, and an open heart & hand to be God’s representative to every people I come across.

What about, how can you bring a message of love and hope to the people?

When love came down

The Christian walk isn’t always sunny.

Last week I had a not so okay week where almost everything around seemed to be collapsing, but I needed to look okay. But I never stopped praying. I find it funny as I realized how irrational my prayer was in that desperate moment. I know I’m not too far, but I know there’s more – more to dig deeper. I know there is! There must be! I just don’t know how to go there.

An unexpected appointment.

What to do when you had an appointment, but your meeting mate hadn’t shown up? I attended our 2nd morning worship service to hear our senior pastor so I can write something for the recap of the series on Tuesday.

Worship time came, and I was there just crying (literally) whether the song was fast or slow, not caring what others (including my leaders) think, just pouring out my heart to my Father. Then I thought, who could I come to and ask for help? I know I MUST be accountable to my leaders, and this is not a valid excuse, but the last time I opened up truthfully to a someone, it did not go well. I thought of a friend from Singapore who has been a mother to me. I thought maybe she could help me. But the fear of this personal issue reaching my boss was unbearable. I asked God what I should do and pleaded could He send someone. Surprisingly, we had a guest speaker from Singapore!

A familiar voice.

Our guest pastor talked about “The Heart of a True Worshiper.” Then I laughed to myself and said, of course, I should worship. I know I needed the Holy Spirit. I know that I had deprived myself of drawing near to His living water and presence. Altar call came, and no one went to the front. I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to admit my need for Him, but I had three reasons not to go:

  1. I’m sitting in the middle of the row
  2. I’m wearing high heels
  3. What would my leaders think of me?

But one reason made me go to the altar – because GOD CALLED ME AND HE IS ALL I NEED.
I came in front, praising Him, crying, speaking in tongues, and God impressed in my heart: “I love you this much! I canceled your appointment so I could meet you. I made this man stop by your church to remind you that you are my child. I have even come down to show you that I love you, and I am the God with you. I came down, took the cross, died, and resurrected. But I never abandoned you nor I ever will. The Holy Spirit came who wants to live in you, have fellowship with you, and love you. I have come down to that deepest pit you’re stuck with and rescued you because I love you, my daughter.”

Thank you, Jesus!


Hello?! Is anyone here?

I once was lost, then found.

But is something found to be lost again?

I crossed the river and reached the land.

Haven’t I? Or was it just an illusion of mine?

Search me, wouldn’t it be just one click away?

Or maybe I’m out of coverage area.

Have I left your presence or ran away?

Or you had lost sight of me in the process?

The power rangers are flying high

But here I am, not knowing where I stand.

Who cares? They busy saving the city.

Why search for the one at the expense of many?

This place is kinda scary, you know.

No place to hide, no one to talk or ask direction.

A place of nothingness and emptiness,

Lost in the map, no GPS, where am I?

Yes! Maybe one call may help!

I might not know where I am, but as you call

Surely, I will know where to go, what to follow

I sat there waiting… waiting for that call.