“faith in humanity” destroyed?

My heart was troubled upon seeing my friend (who’s a Christian) replied to a shared blog with the caption “faith in humanity destroyed… again” The blog was narrating a murder of a student where witnesses ignored the victim, not offering him any help. I know it’s not bad and I will not justify their lack of care. But the thing that worried me was the comment:

“…I do think the word just and humane does not exist anymore in real life.” with a reply “exactly. just, morality, humane  these words just don’t exist here…”

Wait a second, does this mean no one is just anymore, no one has morals, no one does humane things? What about us? What about genuine followers of Christ? What about these friends of mine?

Okay, maybe I’m over reacting. But isn’t God good, just, merciful and loving? And doesn’t He still exist today? It means there’s still justice and goodness in this world. It doesn’t go extinct.

But…I suddenly thought, should we put our faith on humanity? Looking back at our history, should we trust humans’ natural moral compass?

I don’t know but one thing I no is for sure: we can rely on God and He has given us His Holy Spirit to direct our path. That’s why today, I pray for an open eyes to see God’s love and goodness in this planet, an open ears to hear his direction and an open heart & hand to be God’s representative to every people I come across with.

What about, how can you bring a message of love and hope to the people?