Emptied to filled again

No one likes the feeling of losing something. And a few days before I end being a teenager, I’ve realized that no one is immune to pain, disappointment, or failure. However, our reaction to these makes the difference.

Today, I laughed as I thought that what I experienced in the past was painful that I’d be numb to feel anything soon. I know today it wasn’t right. Yes, there had been times when I felt the pain was too much but was unable to endure or bear with it by God’s grace.

One week before my birthday was full of “never-had-been-surprises.” But it wasn’t a kind of surprise you would want to come your way. (Disclaimer: Part of it was my fault). First, was the loss of my wallet, which was an early gift to me, with my 7-day allowance, company ID, Coffee Bean, and Tea Leaf Swirl card and CBTL stickers for the planner. I was hoping that someone might have surrendered it to my office, but no one did. My friends teased me and advised me to secure my things to which I respond, “nothing will fall because it has fallen already.”

Little did I know, the stripping away wasn’t yet over. Three days after the wallet incident, after teaching at one of our outreaches, my phone was gone without saying goodbye.

Sunday came, and I felt exhausted, physically, and emotionally. But I heard the Father’s voice:

“Those things are not your source. I am.
You are not what you lose. You are My daughter.
More of Me means less of ‘other things’
I am your Provider. I am your Father.”

Then I was reading Joseph’s life and was reminded of how God used injustice to bring him closer to his calling and how the Lord proved to him that He is indeed the Sovereign Lord!

Today, as I always say, I am expectant of God’s move and presence as I walk in His will!

Come Back, For Real

Yesterday I was reminded of the web address of one of my previous blogs: “Excellence in progress” Then I was inspired to get back on writing again, even I’m not a professional writer.

But why did I stopped in the first place? Instantly, I thought of 3 reasons. First, I am inconsistent. Second, I once used writing as an outlet for my joy and therapy of my pain. Lastly, that blog just contained one of the saddest moments in my history. While I browse through the posts, it’s as if I am feeling the pain again.

But God told me, “I’m not done with you, yet, My dear. You are still a work in progress.” I was awakened by the fact that it’s not the end of my story, so why should I stop sharing my thoughts and experiences? I am more inspired than ever because I know that this awakening was God-ordained because…

We know that God causes EVERYTHING to work together for the GOOD of those WHO LOVE GOD and are CALLED according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28 (NLT)

10 Reasons To Be Thankful Today

  1. You’re alive
  2. You can breathe, see, hear, walk and dance, or just one of these
  3. You have a family, loved one, and friends
  4. You have a brand new chance to live to the fullest
  5. You can change someone’s world by showing kindness
  6. You can say and show how much you love someone
  7. You can hide under the shade of a tree
  8. You can laugh, cry, and feel anything you want to feel
  9. You can eat desserts
  10. God loves you.

Unlimited discovery

Learning is unending, they say. I believe it’s true. There are countless things to discover. Scientists and experts tell us that almost 95% of the world’s ocean and 99% of the ocean floor are still unexplored! It means humans haven’t scratched the surface yet. But 6% of these matters aren’t too small.

Science also proves this fact. This year, NASA discovered that there’s a second moon orbiting the earth, and they call it 2016 HO3. Having two nights and one day, how cool is that! However, it is smaller than our natural satellites and will soon depart our planet, according to NASA. Bye, bye moon #2.

There are so many riches and treasures that are yet to be unearthed in our world. Same with you and me. Every day is like picking up pieces of evidence that leads you to a treasure or to solve the mystery.

Recently, as I was preparing my things before moving into my new room, I’ve discovered boxes of gift items, some wrapped, some labeled, while others where unopened. I was shocked and laughed about what I learned about myself that day – that I have a thoughtful side of me to think of someone whenever I buy something but not generous enough (or maybe too shy) to actually give that gift to someone.

The evidence is undeniable. Hahaha. But I think it is something I need to work out. This is just one of the things that I discovered about myself, and I know there’s more. Put pardon me as I disagree with the popular opinion of some self-help books about discovering oneself that say “If you want to find the real you, look inside yourself.” But I believe that we are created by God. Therefore, we should go to our Creator. To find who you really are: don’t just look inward, look upward.