Unlimited discovery

Learning is unending, they say. I believe it’s true. There are unlimited things to discover. In fact, scientists and experts tell us that almost 95% of the world’s ocean and 99% of the ocean floor are still unexplored! It means humans haven’t scratched the surface yet. But 6% about these matters aren’t too small.

Science also proves this fact. This year, NASA discovered that there’s a second moon orbiting the earth and they call it 2016 HO3. Having two nights and one day, how cool is that! However, it is smaller than our natural satellites and will soon depart our planet according to NASA. Bye, bye moon #2.

There are so many riches and treasures that are yet to be unearthed in our world. Same with you and me. Everyday is like picking up pieces evidence that leads you to a treasure or to solve the mystery.

Recently, as I was preparing my things before moving into my new room, I’ve discovered boxes of gift items, some wrapped, some labeled, while others where unopened. I was shocked and laughed about what I learned about myself that day – that I have a thoughtful side of me to think of someone whenever I buy something but not generous enough (or maybe too shy) to actually give that gift to someone.

The evidence is undeniable. Hahaha. But I think it is something I need to work out. This is just one of the things that I discovered about myself and I know there’s more. Put pardon me as I disagree to the popular opinion of some self-help books about discovering oneself that say “If you want to find the real you, look inside yourself.” But I believe that we are created by God. Therefore, we should go to our Creator. To find who you really are: don’t just look inward, look upward.


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