Emptied to filled again


No one likes the feeling of losing something. And few days before I end being a teenager, I’ve realized that no one is immune to pain, disappointment, or failure. However, our reaction to these make the difference.

Today, I laughed as I thought that what I experienced in the past was really painful that I’d be numb to feel anything soon. I just know today it wasn’t true. Yes, there had been times when I felt the the pain was too much but was enable to endure or bear with it by the God’s grace.

One week before my birthday was full of “never-had-been-surprises.” But it wasn’t a kind of surprise you would want to come your way. (Disclaimer: Part of it was my fault). First was the lost of my wallet, which was an early gift to me, with my 7-day allowance, company ID, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Swirl card and CBTL stickers for planner. I was hoping that someone might have surrendered it to my office, but no one did. My friends teased me and advised me to secure my things to which I respond, “nothing will fall because it has fallen already”

Little did I know, the stripping away wasn’t yet over. Three days after the wallet incident, after teaching at one of our outreaches, my phone was gone without saying goodbye.

Sunday came and I felt really tired physically and emotionally. But I heard the Father’s voice:

“Those things are not your source. I am.
You are not what you lose. You are My daughter.
More of Me means less of ‘other things’
I am your Provider. I am your Father”

Then I was reading Joseph’s life and was reminded of how God used injustice to bring him closer to his calling and how the Lord proved to him that He is indeed the Sovereign Lord!

Today, as I always say, I am expectant of God’s move and presence as I walk in His will!


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