Parents’ Call


I’m 20 years old, college graduate, a follower and lover of Jesus, dessertarian, NBSB (no boyfriend since birth), and imperfect.

I had never a commitment of boy-girl type of relationship, but there were times when I almost made that mistake. Thank God for His love is greater than my stubbornness. But my stand on that matter was funny. I am a traditional type of girl and have this idealistic level of standard.

Grade school. I need to finish high school before entering into a relationship
High school. My mom won’t allow me. I promised to her and myself that I am not going to have a boyfriend until I finish high school
College. My ideal guy was unsearchable. Then, I have had a serious relationship with the Lord. I want to wait for God’s man, His timing, and undergo His process before receiving the gift – my better half.

Now. I work in a church. I have seen and heard about families torn apart because of parents giving up to the struggles of life, losing against temptation, and, the saddest thing of all, going to the battle unprepared.

Unfortunately, my family isn’t an exemption. I also struggle and fight for my family. But often, warriors get tired too. I never expect us to be perfect, but “trying” is okay.

After all of the things I see, hear, and experience, a constant revelation keeps ringing in my heart:

Parenthood is a calling. It’s not just about feeding your children, clothing them, sheltering them. There’s more to that!

It is saying “yes” before God and taking on the responsibility to raise a child with the fear of the Lord, with love not just with words and train them to be kind and Christ-like in this world.

It is showing them, instead of just telling them, the virtues we uphold. It is standing with confidence that what they say is true even when no one is watching.

It is building a HOME instead of just a HOUSE.

I can’t help but raise the standard higher.

To my future children,

I love you. I know I’m not going to be a perfect mother. But I want to love you and love you so much to carefully consider you now and not give in to my desires. To allow God to take me through the process so that I’ll be ready to nurture you well, to dare to dream big dreams so I can tell you someday that you can have yours too and to rest and be assured of my identity in the Lord as His child. My prayer is that God use me to love, help, equip, and guide you to be the person God called you to be. I will not give up on you.

Blurred path

Along the way,
Not everyone will stay
The path may blur
But the destination is sure.
The pace may slow down,
But you’re never left alone.

Rain or shine,
You said joy is mine.
Even the darkest pit
Brightens when you’re in it.
Your promises, Lord
Are my hope and my guide.