You know that you’re adulting, especially as starter, when you came with the fam for a vacation but leaves earlier because you’ve got work. Although you’re late, you went to office anyway. Hahaha. It wasn’t as if you really had a choice since you’ll be off next week.

But travelling alone is one of my “idea list” so it was still an awesome two hour ride to work.


Spontaneous is my family name

Embracing my fam’s normal ways – an adventure filled with spontaneity.

Yesterday, I was out of my “normal Saturday routine”. My family planned to go for hot springs. I asked my pastor for a ministry leave for the family bonding.

Here’s the plan: Go to a town in the south and relax in a hot spring. We hit the road, drove kilometers away from home, and when we arrived in town only then did I discover that we don’t have a specific place to stay. My instinct was to panic and find a solution at the same time. But, I was calmed as I remember I am not in charge.

So instead of ruining that day, I decided to sit back, obey (while intensely praying in my inner most being that my mom and sister knew what they’re doing or desperately crying out for God’s miraculous mercy and wisdom!) and see how God unfold his plan and lead us to the next step.

Thank God, we arrived safely at a resort with a room that’s cool with a mini pool in it.