Most of us, if not all, want to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a simple party game, in an official tournament, or in the challenges of life. We are nicknamed “competitive”.

I grew up in a society where I was always told to do my best and bring home the bacon 🏆, and that the only thing that matters is rising to the top. I remember someone telling me that being the second best also means you’re the best among the losers.

Recently I’ve been thinking, what does WINNING really mean? My default/cliché answers are popping up but I am not convinced. I know there’s more to filling your cabinet with medals and awards, which will be thrown away someday. There’s more to the recognition of the people. There’s more to reaching the “best *insert title here*”.

Then I came up with another (maybe more appropriate) question:

Is our idea/picture/meaning of WINNING the same with God? How does it look to Him?

As followers of Jesus, do we consider His kind of WINNING? Do we run after the things that matters to Him? Do we run in the race He set before us? Do we compete by His rules?

Because maybe, just maybe, we’re trying to win a race, a competition, or a fight for a prize that will rot and be thrown away.