Parents’ Call


I’m 20 years old, college graduate, lover and follower of Jesus, dessertarian, NBSB (no boy fried since birth), imperfect.

I had never been into a committed boy-girl type of relationship but there were times when I almost made that mistake. Thank God for His love is greater than my stubbornness. But my stand on that matter was funny. I am a traditional type of girl and have this idealistic level of standard.

Grade school. I need to finish high school before entering into a relationship
High school. My mom won’t allow me. I promised to her and to myself that I am not going to have a boy friend until I finish high school
College. My ideal guy was unsearchable. Then, I have had a serious relationship with the Lord. I want to wait for God’s man, His timing, and undergo His process before receiving the gift – my better half.

Now. I work in the church. I have seen and heard about families torn apart because of parents giving up to the struggles of life, losing against temptation, and, the saddest thing of all, going to the battle unprepared.

Unfortunately, my family isn’t an exemption. I also struggle and fight for my family. But often times, warriors get tired too. I never expect us to be perfect but “trying” is okay.

After all of the things I see, hear and experience, a constant revelation keeps ringing in my heart:

Parenthood is a calling. It’s not just about feeding your children, clothing them, giving them shelter. There’s more to that!

It is saying “yes” before God and taking on the responsibility to raise up a child with the fear of the Lord, with the love not just with words and train them to be kind and Christ-like in this world.

It is showing them, instead of just telling them, the virtues we uphold. It is standing with confidence that what they say is true even when no one is watching.

It is building a HOME instead of just a HOUSE.

I can’t help but to raise the standard higher.

To my future children (physically and spiritually),

I love you. I know I’m not going to be a perfect mother. But I want to love them, love them too much to carefully consider them and not give in to my desires, to allow God to take me to that process so that I’ll be ready to nurture you well, to dare to dream big dreams so I can tell you someday that you can have yours too and to rest and be assured of my identity in the Lord as His child. My prayer is that God use me to love, help, equip and guide you to be the person God called you to be. I will not give up on you. 


“faith in humanity” destroyed?

My heart was troubled upon seeing my friend (who’s a Christian) replied to a shared blog with the caption “faith in humanity destroyed… again” The blog was narrating a murder of a student where witnesses ignored the victim, not offering him any help. I know it’s not bad and I will not justify their lack of care. But the thing that worried me was the comment:

“…I do think the word just and humane does not exist anymore in real life.” with a reply “exactly. just, morality, humane  these words just don’t exist here…”

Wait a second, does this mean no one is just anymore, no one has morals, no one does humane things? What about us? What about genuine followers of Christ? What about these friends of mine?

Okay, maybe I’m over reacting. But isn’t God good, just, merciful and loving? And doesn’t He still exist today? It means there’s still justice and goodness in this world. It doesn’t go extinct.

But…I suddenly thought, should we put our faith on humanity? Looking back at our history, should we trust humans’ natural moral compass?

I don’t know but one thing I no is for sure: we can rely on God and He has given us His Holy Spirit to direct our path. That’s why today, I pray for an open eyes to see God’s love and goodness in this planet, an open ears to hear his direction and an open heart & hand to be God’s representative to every people I come across with.

What about, how can you bring a message of love and hope to the people?

I Was…


It nearly drive me crazy seeing a friend, being online at the same time, even crossing on each other’s eyes but acting like we never knew each other. Like all the laughter, the sorrow, the victories, the deepest secrets shared, every moment spent together and even those times we thought of each other was NOTHING.

But after all that happened, I still believe that God has a great plan for the both of us. I’m not sure what’s His plan. Whether we will stay this way forever or we’ll be reconciled, I don’t know, but I am sure that whatever it maybe, it is the BEST EVER! I am so excited as God continues to unfold His plans for my life and ministry.

Am I sad because this happened? Yes, I was.

How about now?deathtostock_spring71.jpg

No, because today I am learning
to trust and depend on God with every part of me, with no reservation,

to find joy in everything that I do
to enjoy every second I have with every person I met
to focus on what really matters
to wait on God’s timing, especially with love
and to value my relationship with the Lord above anything else.

As I think of it now, I lost someone I love and very dear to me but I found myself in the everlasting arms of my Heavenly Father, my #1 Pursuer, my friend, my protector, my Savior, my Lord, my lover from the very beginning, He who still loves me NO MATTER WHAT, and my everything – God!

Thank you Jesus!!

Whoah! Slow Down!

This had been a  roller coaster week. Everything seems to be reaching the highest place and came rushing down without a warning! Whoah! I was about to hit the “stop” button but God sat beside me and helped me finish the right. Oh, this moments just melt my heart. The moments when I’m at the edge of a cliff, whether I’m about to step out or whether the softest and weakest wind could push me off into the deepest, there will be God, always to the rescue, pulling me off and showing me His unending love. The thought of this is more the enough to be the reason why, once again, I love to fill my lungs with air and carry on!