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It’s always been my desire to travel!! And I’ve found an article at that could really help me in my future adventures.

Check this out:


Here are some of my favorites:

#1. Take pictures. Always. Everywhere. If you forgot/lost your camera, buy a disposable. Everybody will grumble and hate you for being the annoying camera person during the trip, then send you ‘thank you’/‘you’re awesome’/‘will you marry me?’ notes at the end of it. 

#3. Before leaving, scan your ID and send it to yourself via email. Replacement procedure way simplified if it gets stolen!

#5. Travelling is a lot of waiting. Bring a book.

#9. Research as much as you can before your trip: there are so many things you will regret to have missed out of lack of knowledge!

#16. When you’re starting to panic, concentrate on the feeling of your feet touching the ground as you walk — or on your breathing if you’re sitting still. Now put things back in perspective.

#18. When your guidebook specifies it’s preferable not to drink water from the tap, do not drink water from the tap — or parasites and antibiotics are likely to follow.

#19. Ice cubes are made from tap water. Ask for drinks without ice.

20. Always take a pair of scissors — but not in your carry-on.

22. Pack your shampoo, perfume and all other products that are prone to leakage in a sealed plastic bag(Ziploc zipper bags are the best). This is also true for makeup removing wipes, which tend to leak when hard pressure is applied on the packet — i.e. whenever you check-in your bag on a plane.

23. Keep a travel journal. You don’t need to describe in detail everything you saw and what food you ate and how the bus was late — guaranteed to have you quit after 2 days —, but rather try to focus on your impressions: how it made you feel, what that smell reminded you of, how you bonded with that person. It’s a pain to do this on the spot, but you will thank yourself forever. Oh, and also write down the address of that cool place you visited so you can find it again.

28. Even if you’re wearing sunscreen, don’t sit in the sun past 10 am if you’re anywhere near the equator.

29. Your skull is skin as well. Put a little bit of sunscreen on your parting, or it will burn, peel, and make you look like you have dandruff. Eew.

34. If your old phone is still working, keep it and recycle it as your loosable/breakable travel phone: phones tend to disappear during trips — or to be found at the bottom of a cup full of water the morning after a party.

35. Eat fruit and vegetables. Fatty comfort food is always what you crave on the road; but your body needs to be fed some vitamins once in a while!

 39. Always carry some water with you.

46. Always carry an energy bar around; it will save you when everything is closed and you need a snack, like, now.

61. Don’t pack just one pair of shoes. If they get drowned during a rainstorm and need a few days to dry, you’re stuck.

62. When you feel like your body has reached its limits, go to bed. You’re not going to have any fun by pushing yourself to stay up when your brain has decided to go to sleep anyway.

66. A universal plug adapter is a great investment: you pack it every time you go on a trip, no questions asked.

71. You can use Google Maps offline on your phone: preload the maps you need while you are connected to wi-fi (remember to zoom in close enough), then the GPS will be able to geolocate you on those even when you’re offline.

72. Never eat right near tourist attractions: terrible overpriced food guaranteed. Have a look through the backstreet, and go where not everyone is carrying a camera!

75. Power-nap: you can’t spend the day roaming the streets of a city, running from one site to the other, and then go out all night for too many days in a row. Unless you nap for an hour before dinner: energy levels restored, you’re good to go.

76. Pack a small padlock; in most hostels you will need it to close your locker and protect your most precious belongings.

81. Learn to know which friends you like traveling with: the person you love sinking beers with on Saturdays might be a nightmare on the road. If you’re planning some long-term travel with someone (i.e. several weeks), go away on a weekend together first as a test!

82. Budget your trip. Be aware that you’ll spend more than what you planned.

83. Don’t drink coffee or beer before a several-hour-long bus ride.

84. Print your best photos and stick them into photo albums. Or print photo books. Just don’t leave them lingering in your computer!

91. Don’t pack anything that you couldn’t bear to lose.

95. Tourist and traveler are not two distinct categories, but rather two conditions that you can embrace when you choose to. It’s okay to enjoy mainstream attractions and super cliché moments — it’s also more interesting to get off the beaten track from time to time.

98. When you return, you’ll feel numb and things will seem weirdly normal for about a week. Then reality will hit.

99. Don’t assume you know it all because you survived your first backpacking trip. Or your tenth.

100. When things get rough, remember how *blessed you are to be travelling