He has overcome!


“You want the promise of a pain-free life?… There isn’t one.” – Sophia, The Shack

There’s always a battle in this world – battle among nations, battle between opposing parties, battle between good and evil and a battle within. In a battle, pain and suffering are always present.

As I was talking to my friend who’s undergoing a difficulty in choosing between a righteous life, where we follow God and according to His standard, and a life away from God and doing the same sin over and over again, I told her a revelation I got at that moment:

“Choosing between good and evil is like a boxing match and this earth is the boxing ring. Whatever side you choose, both will be hit, will be bruised, will experience pain and might even get a serious injury. But defining moment inside the boxing ring is the proclamation of the winner.

It’s the same with life. If you follow God there will be troubles, storms, tragedies and persecution. If you live outside the will of God and continue sinning, you’ll experience every kind of problem and painful situation, too.

The distinguishing factor is the result. Do you want to fight where you know you can win? Or are you fighting knowing that you’re doomed at the end?”

I want to fight knowing that I’ll win and it encourages me all the more to follow God and live with Him as my Lord and Savior! I hold on to what Jesus said,

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33 NIV


Parents’ Call


I’m 20 years old, college graduate, lover and follower of Jesus, dessertarian, NBSB (no boy fried since birth), imperfect.

I had never been into a committed boy-girl type of relationship but there were times when I almost made that mistake. Thank God for His love is greater than my stubbornness. But my stand on that matter was funny. I am a traditional type of girl and have this idealistic level of standard.

Grade school. I need to finish high school before entering into a relationship
High school. My mom won’t allow me. I promised to her and to myself that I am not going to have a boy friend until I finish high school
College. My ideal guy was unsearchable. Then, I have had a serious relationship with the Lord. I want to wait for God’s man, His timing, and undergo His process before receiving the gift – my better half.

Now. I work in the church. I have seen and heard about families torn apart because of parents giving up to the struggles of life, losing against temptation, and, the saddest thing of all, going to the battle unprepared.

Unfortunately, my family isn’t an exemption. I also struggle and fight for my family. But often times, warriors get tired too. I never expect us to be perfect but “trying” is okay.

After all of the things I see, hear and experience, a constant revelation keeps ringing in my heart:

Parenthood is a calling. It’s not just about feeding your children, clothing them, giving them shelter. There’s more to that!

It is saying “yes” before God and taking on the responsibility to raise up a child with the fear of the Lord, with the love not just with words and train them to be kind and Christ-like in this world.

It is showing them, instead of just telling them, the virtues we uphold. It is standing with confidence that what they say is true even when no one is watching.

It is building a HOME instead of just a HOUSE.

I can’t help but to raise the standard higher.

To my future children (physically and spiritually),

I love you. I know I’m not going to be a perfect mother. But I want to love them, love them too much to carefully consider them and not give in to my desires, to allow God to take me to that process so that I’ll be ready to nurture you well, to dare to dream big dreams so I can tell you someday that you can have yours too and to rest and be assured of my identity in the Lord as His child. My prayer is that God use me to love, help, equip and guide you to be the person God called you to be. I will not give up on you. 

World of Comfort Food

What if the world is full of chocolate?
Well, everyone must celebrate!
What if the world is full of banana pie?
Will we really be satisfied?

I once asked God, why aren’t this world,
Filled with all kinds of comfort food.
He replied, “I didn’t because I love you!
Darling, comfort isn’t all you need.”

Well, that wasn’t I expected.
“There’s more to that” he continued,
“You need strength that comes from above.
You need to grow and mature, grow in love!”

Why do we run after those things,
Those habits that are temporal and perishing?
When we can drink from the Fountain of Life
That never runs out, never runs dry.

Emptied to filled again


No one likes the feeling of losing something. And few days before I end being a teenager, I’ve realized that no one is immune to pain, disappointment, or failure. However, our reaction to these make the difference.

Today, I laughed as I thought that what I experienced in the past was really painful that I’d be numb to feel anything soon. I just know today it wasn’t true. Yes, there had been times when I felt the the pain was too much but was enable to endure or bear with it by the God’s grace.

One week before my birthday was full of “never-had-been-surprises.” But it wasn’t a kind of surprise you would want to come your way. (Disclaimer: Part of it was my fault). First was the lost of my wallet, which was an early gift to me, with my 7-day allowance, company ID, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Swirl card and CBTL stickers for planner. I was hoping that someone might have surrendered it to my office, but no one did. My friends teased me and advised me to secure my things to which I respond, “nothing will fall because it has fallen already”

Little did I know, the stripping away wasn’t yet over. Three days after the wallet incident, after teaching at one of our outreaches, my phone was gone without saying goodbye.

Sunday came and I felt really tired physically and emotionally. But I heard the Father’s voice:

“Those things are not your source. I am.
You are not what you lose. You are My daughter.
More of Me means less of ‘other things’
I am your Provider. I am your Father”

Then I was reading Joseph’s life and was reminded of how God used injustice to bring him closer to his calling and how the Lord proved to him that He is indeed the Sovereign Lord!

Today, as I always say, I am expectant of God’s move and presence as I walk in His will!

Come Back, For Real

Yesterday I was reminded of the web address of one of my previous blogs: “Excellence in progress” Then I was inspired to get back on writing again, even I’m not a professional writer.

But why did I stopped in the first place? Instantly, I thought of 3 reasons. First, I am inconsistent. Second, I once used writing as an outlet of my joy and therapy of my pain. Lastly, that blog just contained one of the saddest moments in my history. While I browse through the posts, it’s as if I am feeling the pain again.

But God told me, “I’m not done with you, yet, My dear. You are still a work in progress.” I was awakened by the fact that it’s not the end of my story, so why should I stop sharing my thoughts and experiences? I am more inspired than ever because I know that this awakening was God-ordained because…

We know that God causes EVERYTHING to work together for the GOOD
of those  WHO LOVE GOD and are CALLED according to  his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28 (NLT)