A Sweet Memory


I knew it!!! I’ll be able to use this again. Rereading, this reminds me of the time I was first encouraged to perform in front of the whole campus. I am forever thankful to ma’am Carmen Salvador who believed in me and helped me develop the confidence and skills I never thought I possess (Sumayaw, umarte, magsalita sa maraming tao, magdeclame, mag-aral ng mabuti at kumanta ng “I want to spend my lifetime loving you” para sa drama na ito). I can’t wait to see you this Christmas and tell you everything that happened. Indeed, a teacher affects eternity.

Also tagging Neil. Remember this, Awiyao? Hahahahahahaha See you this vacation!! ‪#‎highschoolmemory‬‪ #‎nostalgic‬‪ #‎theweddingdance‬‪ #‎contemporarylit‬