Hello?! Is anyone here?

I once was lost, then found.

But is something found to be lost again?

I crossed the river and reached the land.

Haven’t I? Or was it just an illusion of mine?

Search me, wouldn’t it be just one click away?

Or maybe I’m out of coverage area.

Have I left your presence or ran away?

Or you had lost sight of me in the process?

The power rangers are flying high

But here I am, not knowing where I stand.

Who cares? They busy saving the city.

Why search for the one at the expense of many?

This place is kinda scary, you know.

No place to hide, no one to talk or ask direction.

A place of nothingness and emptiness,

Lost in the map, no GPS, where am I?

Yes! Maybe one call may help!

I might not know where I am, but as you call

Surely, I will know where to go, what to follow

I sat there waiting… waiting for that call.