“♫ I’ve chased a million things ♪♪

♫Bright lights and empty dreams

Now here I am

Right where I thought I wanted to be

I’ll trade it all right now♪♫

Leave it all and lay it down

To get back to where I belong ♫

♫♪♪ Lord all I’ve ever needed was your love.” – All I’ve Ever Needed, AJ Michalka




“Never leave your partner behind.”

“Fireproof doesn’t mean the fire will never come. It means when the fire comes you will be able to stand it.”

Fireproof is a 2008 American Christian drama film released by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Affirm Films, directed by Alex Kendrick, who co-wrote and co-produced it with Stephen Kendrick. The film stars Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea and Ken Bevel. (