What do you do when your system is awake but you need to sleep because you need to rush to an outing at 6 o’clock in the morning? Write.

I used to stay outside my grandma’s store,
Listening to the coconut trees as if they’re whispering,
Staring at the tiny billion stars as if showing something,
Sitting beside my friends who walked all the way here,
Even they could see the same scene at home.

Why does it feel good to talk at this time?
To talk about life, it’s greatest pain and joy.
Why is it easier to talk some serious things?
Matters that seemed to be as deep as the ocean.
You could drown in the violent waves of emotion!

Yes, you might. Or had been drowned.
Maybe it’s because of the moon!
He might have pulled you with gravity.
Wind, who pushed you gently off the shore.
Relax, you might have overreact.

Beneficial or fatal, you might want to be cautious!
Instead of testing the waters, why not talk to the Trusted.
Stop the gossiping or the getting-to-know-you gaming.
Shake off that overthinking and over-worrying,
But hand it over to God. Talk to Him.

It’s as easy as pie!
No mathematical formula needed.
You don’t need to fear the raging ocean.
Cause at one command He can calm that storm!
He loves you, listens to you and answers.