What Jesus Did?

I got this idea of listing the things I am thankful for when I saw an item being sold in Papemelroti (A specialty shop that carries a wide variety of gifts and decorative accessories). This item is like a glass paper holder with the words: “What would Jesus do.” And form there, I thought to myself, why not list down the things that the Lord had done? 😀
I thank God for…
-gift of life
-a loving mother
-sweet, thoughtful and super talented and pretty younger sister 🙂
-peace, love, and grace
-the chance to help a community through our school’s Community Outreach Program
-the fellowship and bonding moments (we played the game “chain reaction”) friends at school – Hannah, Rizza, Isau, and Harvey (our outsider friend)
-The L.A. department won numerous games!! (HAHA.. after decades! just kidding 😀 )
-a new friend (unfortunately I forgot his name because it’s too complicated.. HAHA peace brother!)
-a fun and meaningful fellowship with a brother in Christ. (with a twist of silly consequence: he danced in the middle of a fast-food restaurant) (We also shared our devotion to Truth and Balance.)
-the beautiful gift wrappers (which I am very fond of making it into bookmarks.)
-my ministry, Production Ministry
-the reminder of REJOICING IN THE LORD ALWAYS through our Simbang Gabi.
-for a good night rest
I find this activity super fun! How about you? What are the things you want to thank God for today?